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This is the Regan Hillyer Show with Regan Hillyer - a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, mindset coach, and global speaker that helps anyone breakthrough to new levels of success in their personal and professional life. The episodes will showcase Regan speaking on her own experiences as well as with leaders, artist and creators who are changing the business landscape and living a life of total freedom and abundance.
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Aug 20, 2019

Check out my latest podcast where I chat with Summer Felix-Mulder from Backstage Business around unlocking the steps to exactly what it takes to build a multi 7-figure business.

Hear how I believe that it is possible to build a truly abundant life using powerful mindset techniques and how everyone can have the life of their dreams, doing what they love, every day.

You’ll learn that success is 80% the inner game and 20% what you do on the outside. It’s the inner game that matters. Learn the secret to changing your mindset and unlocking unlimited business opportunities. Plus, understand the mysteries surrounding social media and see how it can be one of your useful tools in a multi-level toolbox.

Hear how to do the groundwork to establish a full spectrum of products and services, how to learn to listen to and not suppress fear and doubt, But to use it as a force….and also how to bounce back from failure. Also, one simple exercise anyone can do when feeling fear and self-doubt.


And, remember..

You absolutely can have it all!
And give back

Regan x

Jul 29, 2019

I recently caught up, through a series of powerful, divine synchronicities, with Victoria in Mykonos, Greece. We had a soulful conversation about having it all, and the spontaneous interactions that open pathways and portals for personal, financial and spiritual growth.

My recent journey included amazing insights, a powerful activation and a spiritual awakening that has been unbelievably incredible. And, this sudden, unexpected, unplanned journey to Greece, specifically Mykonos and Delios, has been around listening to my inner goddess, following my heart, soul and ... divine synchronicity.

In this podcast, we chat about when you get really busy and you are fully invested in your physical reality and your soul suddenly says  “Go! Get to this place”….or “Do this, you know that you want to…” or “reach out to this person…” or ‘Gee I’ve always wanted to be this...or do this course..” And then, your unconscious mind clicks in…it gives you a million reasons why you CAN’T do what your soul is telling you to do.

You can’t do that!

You can’t just get up and leave.

Think of your obligations?

How will you get those sorted?

The skill is to control your mind, shake off the limiting beliefs and don't focus on the tree….focus on the forest. Ask this my soul's desire? Is this a part of living into my purpose? Is this my truth and is this what I really want? Is this the real and authentic me? By going here, doing this, am I living into my soul’s purpose? Are you connecting with your vision?

So, how do you go from ‘This is not what I want’ ‘This is what I truly want’...?

Hear how to tune in, shake off self-limiting, negative beliefs about yourself, really listen to your soul and live into your true purpose.

Listen now! 


And remember, 

You absolutely can have it all..

And give back.

Regan x

Jul 1, 2019

Listen to my latest podcast as I discuss with Shelly Rogers from Maxum Corporation about inspiring greatness, making a big impact and leaving a positive, powerful legacy. Building the power of an abundant mindset and how to unpack greatness, the three steps to construct an online business and how to impact your life. Accelerating and monetising. Plus! Download my app, get a FREE manifestation course and also get the link to listen to my FREE webinar on how to generate a million dollars in 12 month or less! Find out also, what advice Lisa Nichols gave to me on what I actually wasn't seeing on my journey…..

It is possible to live a truly abundant life and absolutely have it all. To unlock your greatness and build a mutli -7 figure business. Listen to hear the passage of how I built a multi 7-figure business….and my steps to really knowing what my soul actually wants.

Hear how to stop looking outside of your life and instead look inside at what you really desire and how you can live into a life of abundance and also give back and create a legacy.

Ask yourself…...What are you doing to condition yourself to succeed? Are you looking outside of yourself for killer strategies...that never show up or work? Or, are you focussing on internal success?

What’s your big vision? Have you given yourself permission to dream? Are you clearing your negative resistance, your fears and your self-limiting doubts? Are you tapping into your vision to turn it into your reality? Reflecting on your vision to reality shift? Are you focussed on gratitude? Or hung up on negative limiters?

Plus, more tips and tricks to optimising a successful online business, to actually get paid….to give you the freedom in your life and the abundance that you truly desire.

Listen now! 

And remember, 

You absolutely can have it all

And give back.

Regan x

Jun 13, 2019

Check in to hear Optimal Living Daily host Justin Malik reading an excerpt from our newly-published, runaway success book, The Abundance Codes.

Justin reads A Step-By-Step Process to Reconnect with Your Life’s Purpose. And, the importance of living within your purpose.

Why is this even important? You were born with significant, unique and valuable talents and it is integral to your life’s harmony and your personal satisfaction that you live into your full potential.

The Abundance Codes will assist you to discover the path that you were always meant to follow. Reconnect to the infinite possibilities of your life’s purpose and acknowledge the limiting factors that hold you back.

Each chapter of The Abundance Codes details what the limiting or negative belief is, in each and every aspect or your life. What the internal activator is and a step-by-step guide to the physical activator and how to rewire and accelerate your mind towards physically and mentally activating this supreme state of consciousness.

Enjoy listening!

And remember,

You absolutely can have it all


Regan x

Jun 2, 2019

A super buzz to be featured talking with Adil Amarsi, engaging around the passion and the vision that drives my financial and personal success. We chat about abundance and calling in the very best version of yourself to channel what you really want in life, the Social Media Enterprise, building a soul tribe, how you identify your own set of cheerleaders, the journaling process, rewiring your belief system, the ability to dream and how I built my multi-seven figure enterprise - Regan Hillyer International.

In my life, career and business as an entrepreneur, thought leader, Forbes contributor, keynote speaker and success coach, I truly believe, and have seen the evidence, that every human being has the ability to unlock their greatness and achieve higher levels of financial and personal abundance.

Our discussion features building people’s lifestyles, with tips and tricks for success, plus an insight into some aspects of my personal life and background, including reconnection, vision and aligned action.

Listen now! 

And remember,

You absolutely can have it all..
And give back!

May 15, 2019

Super stoked to be featured in Wisdom From North with Jannecke Oinaes on manifesting a truly abundant life.

As you are all aware, I’m a self-confessed addict for helping people unlock their true potential and live the life of their desires.

And, as Founder of Regan Hillyer International, a keynote speaker, success coach, entrepreneur, Forbes contributor and thought leader, I have regular conversations with other inspired entrepreneurs around achieving your true potential, manifesting the life of your dreams and how to build a multiple six and seven figure business.

Jannecke and I chat about successful business through self knowledge, powerful manifestation tools and the vibrations that alter the frequencies of your field. Becoming an energetic match for what you want to call in and learning to raise your authentic frequency to manifest your ideal reality and how to shift long-held beliefs, trauma and blocks.

Also included is one of my visualisation exercises around manifestation.

Enjoy :) 

Apr 21, 2019

Join me as I chat with Cam Roberts, mentor, motivator and direct marketing expert on how to grow your business and create the time, the money and the freedom that you desire.

Learn how to achieve your goals quickly and build your business using powerful mindset techniques.

Discover my journey and learn about the strategies and tactics that I employ to uncover human potential and assist entrepreneurs to unlock their unique possibilities. I cover off with Cam how I assist experts and soul shifters with uncovering their true message and how to build a robust brand using powerful, inner game business strategies.

You can listen and learn about these strategies, because everything that you want to achieve starts from within. We talk about manifestation and mindset practice and how it looks at intentions, alignment and purpose and how this affects business goals and life desires. What are the resistances that are holding you back? How aligned are you to your truth? Your message? And how does this affect your potential business growth?

Plus, we talk about how to live an amazing lifestyle, to tune into the next level and not get trapped with complacency or procrastination and how to rewire yourself to succeed.

Check it out!  

And, remember

You absolutely can have it all.



Apr 9, 2019

Hi Regan here, founder of Regan Hillyer International and a self-confessed addict for helping people unlock their true potential and live the life of their desires.

Join me this week as I talk with Don Hutcheson from Discover Your Talents and Do What You Love…and How to Build a Career of Success, Satisfaction and Freedom.

Follow me as I discuss my life choices and turning points, memorable people and forming relationships…We chat about recognising and using your God-given talents..helping people and how I live and work to disrupt people's version of “normal” to live an extraordinary life and shift your identity into a 7-figure lifestyle through entrepreneurism.

I talk about my most powerful lessons learned and the strategies that make up the pieces and steps to success. How to get out of being ‘stuck’ in your work and how to get freedom from the matrix.

Recognising your power, the answers are already inside you and how to be hyper-aware of your natural state and what is in your environment…. just waiting for you to show up and claim it.

I discuss with Don my vision moving forward….. to tune in to more of the same….just on a bigger scale...and staying super aligned with the real heartbeat that is Regan Hillyer International.

I live to see potential in people…...and love to show clients how to recognise and live into 100% of their talent.

Mar 24, 2019

Join me as I talk with Tonya from Femme and Fierce as we chat about dreaming big and going after what you want.

Hear about living to disrupt people's version of “normal” and how to shift your identity into a 7 figure lifestyle through entrepreneurism.

We discuss how to unleash your millionaire mindset and how I created my version of reality, where I am fully committed to waking up humanity so that they can live life on their own terms.

You can tune into my tips and tricks around shifting your identity in to a 7-figure lifestyle, where you can fully decide to use your powerful mind energy….. Different from what you choose to be your next level….and how to commit to aligned action and open up to what’s possible.

Find out how you allow these shifts to be “easy” and how you can surrender into an uncomfortable place, where you need to be to upscale, and slip into it with ease, grace and flow.

Scale your business, tune into the vibration and say “yes” to aligned action. Hear how the internal work is a springboard to the external work. Focus on sales versus wealth creation and the difference between the two….and how to do less and get more...focus on a new internal blueprint.

Listen in and know that I believe that you absolutely can have it all...It is a reality, on your own terms. Your dream is a reality and it is here now!

Mar 4, 2019

Unleash the power of your mind. Join multi-millionaire entrepreneur, certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics specialist, Forbes contributor, keynote speaker and successful strategist, Regan Hillyer as she talks with Victoria Gallagher from the Power of Your Mind about her passion to help people achieve a truly abundant life.

Regan is committed to this passion and has trained thousands of people to build multi-seven figure personal brands and businesses, location-free, with robust business strategies and mindset techniques. Regan believes that each and every person on the planet is capable of unlocking the power within themselves and manifesting the complete life that they desire.

In this podcast, Regan discusses the framework around powerful abundance mindset, repetition of self-limiting behaviours, daily routines for unlocking abundance and the role of vanquishing self-doubt to move towards success.

Find out about how simple it is to shift ingrained beliefs and create results quickly, how to show up as the best version of yourself and how to actively choose to be successful with the millionaire mindset. How to cease the grind of swapping time for money and how to show up and get paid for being you!

Learn about Regan’s new publication, co-written with Juan Pa Barahona ‘The Abundance Codes’ and how to active more in your life. More abundance, a higher vision, finer relationships, better health and how to re-wire your unconscious mind.

The role of journaling, visualisation, clarity and various integrated mindset techniques to unlock all of the 52 Abundance codes.

Follow Regan and find out how to show up as the best version of you, unlocking your real identity and moving forward into your new, exciting desired future.

Enjoy listening!  

And remember,

You Absolutely Can have it All! 

The Abundance Codes Book:

Feb 24, 2019

Listen as Regan Hillyer, self-made millionaire, serial entrepreneur, success coach, certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics specialist, Forbes contributor, keynote speaker and successful strategist, discusses her millionaire mindset and how she has guided and taught thousands of successful business owners to build powerful brands and seven-figure and beyond businesses.

Focussing on self-doubt and how to pull in your superpowers for whole life success with Super Power Experts’ Kristin Maxwell, Regan delves into the world of conquering self-doubt through mindset techniques and turning the page of her life to connect with her higher self and pull that powerful identity into her physical reality.

Regan discusses the importance of your ‘millionaire mindset’, that higher version of yourself and your intentions and how to train your mind with specific practices and positive actions, such as journaling techniques, to call in your dream lifestyle. And, getting really clear on what it is you exactly want to use as springboards into the physical world.

Learn about Regan’s new publication, co-written with Juan Pa Barahona ‘The Abundance Codes’ and how to activate more in your life. More abundance, a higher vision, finer relationships, better health and how to rewire your unconscious mind and your energetic field.

The role of journaling, visualisation, clarity and various integrated mindset techniques to unlock all of the 52 Abundance codes.

Follow Regan and find out how to show up as the best version of you, unlocking your real identity and moving forward into your new, exciting desired future.

Feb 6, 2019

What is your true purpose? How do you actually arrive at living a truly abundant lifestyle using powerful mindset tools and cutting-edge business strategies?

Join self-made multimillionaire, serial entrepreneur and thought leader Regan Hillyer as she answers questions from Kole Hansen Whitty for Warrior Women with a Purpose, around living this abundant lifestyle, shrugging off self-limiting behaviours and choosing to unlock your personal greatness.

Regan is committed to her passion of helping others to live into their true potential and has trained thousands of successful people, helping them to build multiple seven figure and beyond, personal brands and businesses, in location free environments.

A certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics specialist, Forbes contributor, keynote speaker and successful strategist, in this podcast Regan discusses the framework around abundance mindset, self-limiting behaviours, daily routines for unlocking abundance and the role of Ayauasca and plant medicine.

Learn about Regan’s new publication, co-written with Juan Pa Barahona ‘The Abundance Codes’ and how to active more in your life. More abundance, a higher vision, finer relationships,  better health and how to re-wire your unconscious mind.

The role of journaling, visualisation, clarity and various integrated mindset techniques to unlock all of the 52 Abundance codes.

Follow Regan and find out how to show up as the best version of you, unlocking your real identity and moving forward into your new, exciting desired future!!!

Jan 20, 2019

In this episode, I was interviewed by Cameron Roberts and we talked about a lot of things including how to uncover your true message, how to live an amazing lifestyle, what is manifestation and how does it work, how to tune into the next level and not get trapped with complacency or procrastination, how to rewrite your self to succeed and so much more! 

Have fun listening! 

And remember, 

You Absolutely Can Have It All!! 




Jan 9, 2019

In this episode, we have discussed why the idea of "ALIGNMENT" is much easier than you are making it and how to get your message and brand to match. 

It also explains what being an entrepreneur is all about.

We have discussed how BEING an entrepreneur can help you make a massive impact.

Well, the most important thing is to get in alignment with your goals. 

If you are not in alignment with your goals than you are not going to be SUCCESSFUL, I shouldn’t say you will not be successful but you will not get what you REALLY deserve. 

There is an OVERFLOW of potential in people, the only thing is they really need to CLICK it and make it in alignment with the goals. 

Finding the blocks you are FACING and conditioning your mindset can help you with that. 

REMEMBER! Getting crystal crystal crystal clear on your goal is VERY important to have a global impact. 

Dec 26, 2018

We are so excited!

This has been a one and a half year mission,

That is now in the physical reality!

Want more abundance in all aspects of your life?

Doing the work but what you really desire is not showing up in your life?


Juan Pablo Barahona and I are beyond excited to announce,

After sooo much intentional work, energetic upgrades and downloading….

The Abundance Codes is a reality!!

Fifty-Two Codes to Unlock Abundance in Every Area of Your Life

The Abundance Codes is not a sweet, simple little ‘How to’ guide…

You could call it a bible,

Or an encyclopedia,

Or something that you will use for the rest of your life…

A hard-back, full colour, collector’s edition and companion,

That lets you dive deep,

Into ABUNDANCE in every area of your life.

It’s a practical journey that unlocks 52 real, actual potent codes,

And 9 keys, families of the 52 codes, that open up your field for powerful manifestation.

The Abundance Codes show you the limiters,

These are global limiters, not just yours,

They are imprinted on humanity.

The unconscious patterns, that are affecting your life.

These limiters are preventing you from having total abundance in your life.

Then, through new sacred geometry you get the activator.

These internal activators allow the release of the limiters

Creating the pathway for the Abundance Codes to do their work.

The Abundance Codes are sharp and precise,

Allowing you to rewire and set in motion the pathways,

In full alignment.

For more abundance in your life.

The Abundance Codes

Is an integrated,


Code-focussed companion,

That will show you,

Precise explanations for clear and perfect alignment,

Processes that will help you re-wire,

For your success and total abundance.

Check out this week's episode to learn more! 

And remember...

You Absolutely Can Have It All! 

Regan x

Dec 18, 2018

This week's episode is from Day 3 of our Be Your Brand Academy in Bali. It's all about acceleration from digging deep into scaling, monetizing your message, building a powerful soul mate team, speaking, running online trainings, coaching online and, scaling product and services.

It’s how the success coaches feel to be here at this time. How massive and epic this has been for them. And how they find this training and session fruitful. This has helped them share how easy things have become for them. I have shared how life changing this event is and why you need to be part of it. There is so much learning in it - activation, a lot of energy, elevating our manifestations and much more…

If you want to accelerate your results, have a success mindset, monetize your message as a success coach, build a powerful soul mate team and make a massive impact in this world, this is for you!

If you want to join us, just send me through a message on facebook, I will get all the details to you.

And, REMEMBER, You Absolutely Can Have It All!!

Dec 10, 2018

You’re powerful, so much powerful than you are giving yourself credit for RIGHT NOW!!!

When you truly tap into that POWER seriously magical things happen!

First thing first... Be grateful for whatever you have received so far. Whatever is your goal, you REALLY have to step into identity of already having received.

Well, if your goal is money, you must must MANIFEST earning the desire level of money. This is with money. This is with clients. And even… This is with relationships.

Manifest this on DAILY BASIS, hourly basis and even half hourly basis. Learn to create opportunities, because there is no SECRET formula.

Understand to MANIFEST on deep level and step into that.

Cool things happen when you go through it.

If you are a coach, MANIFEST a high end client, and tap into that energy and do all the MINDSET work.

Act as if it has already received and as if already has happened. If you want to be widely successful, just MANIFEST it.

Manifesting even happens faster only if you accelerate the principals and practice them each day.

You know you are SUCCESSFUL! You know you are AT THE TOP!

You know you want to go TOP, TOP!

You know you are COMMITTED!

You are READY! You are ready to do whatever it takes because you are that committed to your growth and success.

Just, MANIFEST IT and get whatever you desire to get into your life, MONEY, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS…

Dec 3, 2018

In this episode, I will take you through the steps to massively up level and attract greater heights of abundance in your life.

How to focus on impacting on a global scale for contribution.

Three simple steps to understand how the 1% attract and play the BIGGER game for growth and expansion.

I will be discussing, how you can impact lives at a GLOBAL LEVEL and have massive RESULTS

In order to do that,

You have to…

Join the forces to create impact in this world,


In order to RECEIVE MORE, you have to GIVE MORE

So start giving more right away

It’s not about making money,


It’s about making a MASSIVE impact

It really feels good when you CONTRIBUTE to something


Grow and expand

Start contributing to something you care about


Whatever you are going to give, that is going to flow back to you in


The bigger you PUSH your impact to be,

The more you EXPAND your own mindset


The more people you are going to IMPACT


Start impacting lives by giving MORE!

Nov 25, 2018

Hear my journey building a unique, successful personal brand and understand the full system on how YOU can develop, launch and accelerate your own personal brand! Live keynote at the JT Foxx Family Reunion. 

I also challenge your vision of being normal and I strongly BELIEVE that you have a message that the world needs to hear. 

Amazing things can happen if you want to monetize your brand. I am here to shake up your reality and help you to BE YOUR BRAND. 

Life is awesome if you want to enjoy the freedom which it offers. I have also shared my story right from New Zealand where I was raised and how I am enjoy location free business. 

You deserve more than what you are receiving now.  Unlimited cash will flow into your life if you put massive efforts to be YOUR BRAND. 

WELL, having connected to the right people is one of the MOST important things. As long as you are connected to the right people, and the right coaches than you can do amazing things. 

If you are not sure whether you have a unique brand and if you think you are not branded than you need to work to launch your personal brand. Start taking massive actions and you can build your incredible brand. 

You can get BIG results and you can get a SEVEN FIGURES BUSINESS from only BEING YOU. 

Things which you really need to do to BRAND YOURSELF are:

• Start with the end in mind

• Get clear on your message

• Unlock your unique story

• Position yourself as an authority

• Work at solving your target market’s biggest problems

• Build your tribe

• Establish your 12 month plan

• Create high converting professional website

• Make sure your social media presence

• Get seen online

• Build your list

• Show up DAILY


Nov 18, 2018

First before anything else, any courses, any study, you have to work on your mindset.

When I first started to build a multiple 7-figure business,
I was all into strategy - wealth creation, seminars, events, coaching but not seeing the results,
That's when I realised that I had to do the inner work.

I focused on me.
I worked and upskilled myself.
I was all about mindset and energy and then,
That's when it all started to shift.

People started watching me,
They noticed that things in my life were starting to gel,
To work and to change,
So they asked:

"What are you doing that has made this change in your life?"

So I told them -
I started sharing what I was doing, then people that I had helped,
Came back and shared that the things that I had helped them with,
Had completely changed their lives

That was the AH HA! moment.
That moment when I truly felt my sense of purpose and the POWER and self-affirmation that I felt from that self-knowledge was incredible.

I never set out to be a life coach it happened by default.
I think IT found me,
Because I was ready,
Open and I had done the mindset work.

Now, the biggest issues around all of this in the beginning,
The thing that slowed me down,
Was that I was so unaware of the internal game.
I was so busy looking outwards for the answers.

I was fixated on how to's - how to invest in property,
How to build a business strategically,
I was looking so far outside of myself.

Then I was told by my mentor,
"Regan, you've got this all backwards...
80% of success is the INTERNAL game,
20% is what you do on the outside."

When I GOT that and started focussing on the 80% and started really working on the inner strategy,
On the internal work,
That's when it ALL came together.

The results came so quickly,
I had accelerated them.

It's about daily routines,
Tuning into what you really need each day,
And going off your intuition and feelings to really set up your day.

You need a tool kit specifically set to you.

Then there's FEAR,
Even when you are really successful,
Beyond what you had ever hoped for,
The fear is still there,
So you have to learn how to dance with it if you ignore the fears or try and numb or push them away…
You will receive what you are fearful of.

The game is to look the fear in the eye and understand why the fear is there.
Fear shows up in our unconscious mind to keep us safe.
You need to acknowledge the fear,
Keep moving forward,
But don't allow it to paralyse or distract you.
Keep control.
Deal with it now.

What if you find yourself checking all the boxes,
Doing all the stuff,
And it's not working?

What then?

Check your mindset.
It's organic, it's intuitive.
The most successful people follow their intuition.
They devise their tool boxes for their personal growth and development,
Whilst keeping an ear on what is coming up that is good for them.

Listen to the pulls and nudges….

What is that?
I'm curious about this...
Use that curiosity to tune in.

In my journey,
When I didn't listen to the pulls and nudges,
And constantly sought answers outside of myself,
That's when things went slow or didn't go well.

Be aware…
Listen internally and realise that you have insight.

It's a BIG lesson,
Don't look left,
Don't look right,
Don't be distracted.

In terms of products and services,
First check your value,
Is there a need?

What feels amazing about the marketing?
Are live events your thing?
Or on-line?
Tune in what works best for you?
Check your alignment.
It's about listening to what's within.

Ask yourself,
Does this feel out of alignment,
Or are you listening to the fear?
What's the main thing?

What's the message?
Keep the main vision clear and know what you want and know where you want to go how are you being energetically every day?

Be really clear on what you want.
But be aware that the BIG VISION is fluid and it can change it's not set in concrete and as you grow,
It will too.

Grow, morph and change - for your needs.

The main message is that you absolutely can have it all!
You can have it on your terms;
Whatever you desire can, in total reality, be yours.

Whatever your BIG VISION is…
Your products, services or financial growth of an existing business….
It can be yours.

Ask yourself, what do I want?
How do I want it to work?

Then do the internal work to align with that…
Trusting that anything that you then do on the outside will align with that and take you there.

The only thing stopping it being a reality is YOU.

And remember,
You absolutely can have it all!

Regan x

Nov 4, 2018

In this episode, JuanPa and I talked about creating your reality, manifesting the right partner of your dreams, and how the two of us met!

Enjoy listening! 

Oct 30, 2018

In this episode, Regan talks about manifestation.

She discussed that in manifesting things in your life, you should start with intention.

And that the first step really is getting people clear that just having a really deep sense of radical responsibility you know knowing that everything that is showing up or not showing up in their life they are attracting or they're pushing away from.

This and more of this episode of The Regan Hillyer Show. 


Oct 20, 2018

When I was 23, I closed the doors of my first million dollar company.
My loved ones, started asking if I was “insane?”
Everything looked magical in the exterior.
Everything was manufactured close to perfection.
I planned, executed and crushed it.

Internally, my soul was malnourished.
Internally, my desire started feeling unwanted.
Internally, my intuition felt unworthy of my attention.

Until my INTUITION said, “I am enough.”
I’m grateful for my intuition who knows it’s worth.
I began to listen to the discomfort happening within.
I was in shock of how long I had gone without listening.
I was disconnected with myself.

I was solely focused on the exterior.
I still created a lot of success but I wasn’t connected with who I am.
I was withholding myself from tapping into my highest vibration.
I was creating from a space of manufacturing from head to exterior,
Rather than tuning in, trusting my intuition and letting it flow through me.

I started to listen again.
I did my soul work.
Abundance started flowing like rapid waterfalls crashing down;
Roaring waterfalls made of synchronicity, bliss and gratitude.
Falling down with passion to kiss my face for an eternity.

I choose to play from here.
Right here, tuned into my intuition.
Co-creating a fully-self expressed life with freedom and ease.

I used to focus externally.
I manufactured too long.
I was swimming in stress.
I was drenched in unworthiness.
I raced to do more to look good.

Now, I choose to play with trust flow.
I dance with ease and grace.
I’m traveling within with synchronicity.
I savor this state of intuition.
I even call in results.
I do less.

And I receive, achieve and create more.

I AM worthy of manifesting anything that I desire in any area of my life

You are too.

While you listen to this podcast,
Ask yourself, “How do I eliminate what doesn't serve me?”

Juan Pa and I will be right here to hold you.

I love you! 

And Remember, You Absolutely Can Have It All! 


Regan x

Oct 14, 2018

In this episode, my good friend AJ Mihrzad interviewed me and I shared how I made over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in 30 days!

We also talked about Psychedelics, Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca and a lot more!

Don't miss this episode! 

Oct 8, 2018

This is a free training for all the artists, leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries.. for all those who know that they have a message that they are born to share in this world. 

This is for you if you are committed to have an impact in the planet and doing this with total freedom. 

I am breaking this down on how I have done this and that you could do this too. 


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