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This is the Regan Hillyer Show with Regan Hillyer - a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, mindset coach, and global speaker that helps anyone breakthrough to new levels of success in their personal and professional life. The episodes will showcase Regan speaking on her own experiences as well as with leaders, artist and creators who are changing the business landscape and living a life of total freedom and abundance.
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Dec 1, 2023

In our latest episode, we dive deep into the question: What Is The Beat Of Your Soul? 🎶 We've got the incredible Oisin Lunny from Audio Talks joining us, and trust us, you don't want to miss this one, as he asks us some searching questions and gets to the root of our why.

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride as we spill the beans also on the latest and greatest at The Nest Costa Rica — your go-to destination for paradise luxe jungle living! 🌿🏡

Our conversation with Oisin was nothing short of epic and downright enlightening! 🚀 We're serving up a unique blend of life coaching, biohacking, live ceremonial music, and spirituality. Plus, we're spilling the tea on our vibrational journey towards the frequency of manifestation. 🌌✨

This podcast isn't just about what we do; it's about how we empower our soulmate tribe to step into their dream life and groove to the beat of their souls. 🕺💖 Get ready to create a life in sync with your highest potential and flow — waking up every day with pure excitement! 🌅

Tune in to catch the vibes as we share our life stories, revealing the incredible journey that led us to guide and heal others through various modalities and frequencies. 🌈🌟 

Oh, and let's not forget the role of music in our lives — a fusion of intuition, healing, the soulbeat of the universe and purpose!

Ready for some inspiration? Hit play and let's vibe together! 🎧🚀 

Enjoy listening! 

Oct 31, 2023

🎙️  Are You Ready For This…?  🎙️

This time, I’m in magnificent Dubai with one of the international stars ⭐ of ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ - Caroline Stanbury of Dear Media.

What a wonderful conversation we had! 🥰

It circled around living life unapologetically and the actual, physical steps to manifestation and implementing and pulling in your vision for your life. 💫

Also, how one can stop being a victim and living in victim mode. It’s about taking back your power and realising that you have a ‘choice’ as to how you respond to events and opportunities that present themselves. 💌✨

It’s the art of harnessing your power, listening to your gut and allowing yourself to call in what is aligned with your purpose. 🌈💖

I discuss with Caroline how to harness and move through the most important steps to manifesting, affirming and calling in exactly what you desire.👏 

We also explore how to analyse the depths of your relationships, both with yourself and with others. The keys to actually manifesting what you want to call in and how you can choose to be whoever you want to be, each and every day of your life! 🥳

So stay tuned as we unveil a remarkable conversation that's bound to make you think about your perspective on life, love and the journey of self-discovery…which is where the lessons are.💥

Listen Up! 🎧


Sep 30, 2023

🎙️ Hey there, beautiful souls! 🎙️

It's your favourite dynamic duo, Regan and JuanPa, coming at you with a brand new enlightening podcast for your listening pleasure.  💫 🌟

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with the incredible Suzy Ashworth, the change-making powerhouse of Infinite Receiving, 🌍✨ for some ‘real’ chat. Here's the link of the whole interview:

And, let's just say that the conversation was nothing short of transformative! 🤩

We dive deep into the realms of relationships, the challenges of parenting and co-parenting, the art of letting go, embracing change and the managing of crises that emerge in close partnerships.

We cover off the standout moments of the past 12 months, talk about our highlights, challenges, cultivating resistance and some not so amazing moments! 🌊

And, the tools that you can use to build resilience to navigate your pathway in this mind-expanding podcast episode! 💌✨

Are you ready to explore the depths of your relationships, both with yourself and with others? 

Stay tuned as we unveil this remarkable conversation that's bound to shake up your perspective on life, love and the journey of self-discovery…which is where the lessons are . 🌈💖

Listen so that you can keep embracing the beautiful dance of change. 🕺💃


Sep 5, 2023

Join me, in my latest podcast, as I chat with the inspirational Taryn Lee about how to activate your next wealth frequency.

Dive deep with us as we investigate wealth frequencies and how to humbly, fully listen to what is surrounding you in order to activate your wealth at the next frequency level.

It’s about going beyond your personal story, your family story, cognitive generational inheritance of the ‘stories’ that surround thow you have been conditioned around money and its creation and your response to it.

Activating your next wealth frequency is also about being brave enough to actually put your hand up and own your own story. To declare how ‘big’ you want to go, how ‘shiny’ you want to show up and unapologetically stand in that frequency and understand that this is an energetic game.

A game where you get to constantly go within yourself and look at the pieces that surround your money beliefs, to bring anything that is blocking or not aligned with wealth creation to the surface and allow it to drop and dissolve away.

And who wouldn't want that huh?

Tune in to this wonderful, lively podcast to find out exactly what is really behind wealth creation, connecting with your best intentions and bringing pockets of desired information into your now and allowing the magic to show up for you.

Join me to unlock these important concepts, messages and fun take outs with my Wealth Frequency Activation.

Enjoy listening! 


Jul 31, 2023

Join us as we transform our profound live webinar, 'Anchoring in Your New Reality Through Frequency,' into a captivating podcast experience. In this episode, Juanpa and I delve into the secrets of manifestation, exploring the fusion of technology and frequency, and how it empowers us to embody anchor points like flow, unconditional love, gratitude, abundance, high vibration, and expansion. If you're interested in exploring the powerful frequency tool we discussed, click here: to dive deeper. 

Tune in for an inspiring journey into the highest frequencies that magnetise everything your soul desires – from boundless energy and abundance to transformative experiences.


Jun 30, 2023

What Makes A Heart-Centred Entrepreneur?

Embark on a transformative journey as we unveil the incredible story of Anne-Claire, a conscious trailblazer on her path from spiritual awakening to million-dollar impact. In this captivating conversation, we dive deep into Anne-Claire's Conscious Millionaire journey, exploring the intersection of spirituality, financial success, and profound transformation. Witness the power of aligning purpose with prosperity as Anne-Claire shares her personal growth, inspiring insights, and the ripple effect of her impactful endeavors.

This extraordinary woman is not just money and business focussed, she has a powerful heart of service and cares deeply for the role that she is creating in her life and work.

Anne-Claire is a shining example of pushing through the hard times and we learn how she lost her job and had to reinvent herself. Understanding that failing is not the end of the world because you keep learning and understanding. And how she came to the biggest piece where she sought guidance instead of trying to be the tough person and carry all of the load.

Learn how she navigated the impact of the covid years and how it also produced so much success in her life. Arriving at the frequency where there are no other options and you must take this path. The pathway that leads to understanding the pieces around being ground into your purpose and living an abundant life on one’s own terms.

This podcast is about releasing the ‘how’ and removing the obstacles along the pathway to a life lived in abundance and waking up every day, loving what you do. Reframing your thoughts and not being enslaved with one’s own fears and contracted behaviours. Noticing that you have unconscious loyalty that you must let go of and become the person that you want to be in the future.

This is a powerful, truthful discussion around the steps, the quantum leaps and the mindset of how you become a conscious millionaire and how you accomplish things that you previously thought were impossibly outside of your abilities.

It's a wonderful journey!

Join us as we discover the extraordinary fusion of spiritual evolution and financial abundance, redefining what it means to be a Conscious Millionaire. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to create lasting change in both your life and the world around you.

Enjoy listening! 

May 31, 2023

Is calling in a desired level of abundance about structure and strategy?

Or is it something completely different? Something that is beyond your mind and comes from a completely different realm?

What else could that be?

Listen up to my latest podcast where I join with the delightful Nicky Clinch and her soulmate tribe as they investigate Infinite Abundance…The Money Expansion.

As you know, I firmly believe that calling in levels of abundance and manifesting your life goals is 80% the inner game and doing the internal work and 20% the external aligned action process, the strategies and the processes.

People often think that abundance is solely about the money…and often they have a particular amount of money that they are specifically trying to manifest and call in.

But, in this podcast, we discuss understanding the processes, the system and the concept that money is energy, it is a frequency that you need to tap into for the next layer of abundance.

We learn about the sneakiness of the mind and how it doesn't serve us, how it tricks us through our egos and the projections of society, family and friends and other external influences…

And how we can commence communicating with our souls instead.

Asking yourself’ “What is it that my soul actually desires?” and listening and learning through the processes for a greater understanding about where abundance actually comes from.

This podcast is about seeking the truth of what your soul actually desires, recalibrating yourself and pulling this into your reality.

It’s also about stepping out of the reality of being held back by your fears, wherever they have come from and the tools and tricks to stepping out from underneath them when they no longer serve the real you.

So join me as we expose the myths and the reality around the ‘millionaire mindset’ and the quantum leap to understanding the time and space matrix that influences your external and internal reality.

Tune in to this wonderful, lively podcast to find out exactly what is really behind wealth creation, connecting with your best intentions and bringing pockets of desired information into your now and allowing the magic to show up for you.

Enjoy listening! 

May 1, 2023

Join Me In A Celebration…

…And it is truly exciting!

Listen now to my latest podcast where I introduce a very special guest, for a very special reason…

I’m live and online at my sound and activation studio platform at The Nest Costa Rica, to bring you this wonderful news.

It’s our latest, newest, conscious millionaire! 

And, this interview is yet another example of how you can cross that million dollar threshold and manifest the abundance that you desire in your life, whilst being in alignment with your mission and your soul’s purpose.

Also, this story is a true representation of the old paradigm that people suppose, that you have to choose between a soul driven, spiritual path or the path to financial abundance…in fact, this wonder worker is another example of how the two can be mutually inclusive.

I am also here to tell you, as this goddess will as well, that you don't have to choose between financial security and working out a conscious purpose, you absolutely can have them both and both of these aspects to your human development can actually support each other.

It is so exciting  to introduce this beautiful woman, a wonderful human being and her sensational, conscious work on the earth.

Plus, we’ll learn about her story, what her life has been like up to this point, how she has consciously turned her life around and what her life and her purpose is like now…

Presenting…..Hannah Andrews!

So, listen up to Hannah’s story…it is truly the stuff that books and movies could be made of! 

You will be amazed at her incredible journey from rock bottom to sensational superstar!

This is a wonderful, warm, vibrant and enlightening podcast for you to listen here! 

Apr 1, 2023

Listen to this latest podcast as I join with Anne-Claire Meret - author, educator, coach and healer as we discuss how to raise your vibration, in each and every area and aspect of your life, so that you truly can have it all.

We consider the alchemy of evolution and thoughts around the inevitable “Why am I here?” bigger questions and the creation of happiness in the world.

This discussion is about the mechanics of showing up as the best version of yourself, staying committed to one’s soul, and the life journey to light up and impact others on the planet.

And, my favourite tools for vision creation, how they have evolved and morphed for me over the years on my journey to create beautiful visions, and how everyone can call in and have abundance in each and every aspect of one’s life.

Anne-Claire and I talk through the 80/20 rule of growing the inner game to rediscover, recalibrate and recondition oneself to focus on growing one’s inner reality.

So, tune in to this wonderful, lively podcast to find out exactly what is meant by the alchemy of evolution and what ‘going into the next layers’ actually entails and means.

Enjoy listening! 


Feb 28, 2023

Hello wonderful humans! Surpassing 33 Million in 10 months? Sounds impossible, huh?

Join me as I discuss with the amazingly wonderful Suzy Ashworth of Infinite Receiving about being in the space and mindset to receive this incredible milestone, what it felt like, the alchemy around the moment, and how this aligns with my vision.

We talk about being a multi-dimensional identity, with the ability to shapeshift and serve my community, owning your shiny-ness and taking your stand, and being an inspiration for others.

And how it feels to cross the threshold of 33 million dollars without getting stuck at the moment and the energy around celebrating milestones.

We discuss the alignment of the frequency of overflow and the frequency and the energetics of rippling into the circles of service and consciousness.

During this precious conversation, we discuss wealth, success, love, the world's state, and mission. Also, about energetic conditioning, confusion, self-sabotaging, and undoing the ‘making it hard’ to uncomplicate things.

We talk about bending time, stepping out of the time matrix, and not being in contraction at the same time as trying to expand and keeping your relationship with time as a resource and on a platform that suits you.

It’s all here. Just waiting for you to tune in.



Jan 13, 2023

Listen up to my latest podcast where I talk with Kristen Wonch from the Wealth Equation and the one significant question that she asked me…

What’s something you never tell anyone about what it really took for you to create wealth?

Now, THAT is an interesting question!

We discuss an aspect of wealth creation that few people, on their quest for a millionaire lifestyle, seldom consider….

And to be frank, for some people, it can be a little confronting…

And a little off putting.

But, you know, this ‘other’ aspect of wealth creation is incredibly important to me and I cannot stress enough how much of an integral role this aspect of my journey to building an 8-figure, multi-faceted business has played.

Most people think that building an online empire and wealth creation is all about some secret set of strategic steps that lead towards the final goal. Just follow the strategy steps and everything will fall into place…

And, yes, it is about the inner work, it is about aligned actions but, for me, it is also about integrating this special aspect that is a crucial part of my everyday life.

Tune in to this wonderful, lively podcast to find out exactly what this special ingredient for wealth creation, that I regard as really important! 

Enjoy listening! 

Nov 30, 2022

Hello and welcome to this podcast episode in conjunction with Simerjeet Singh ( 

Listen as we chat about manifestation and the steps to bringing your dream life into reality.

What are the steps that you should be taking to shift into a place of real honesty and taking affirmative action?

It’s about trusting your internal voice and doing the inner work instead of blindly following endless strategies and knowledge ‘talks’ devised by other people.

It isn't money that is our currency, it’s your frequency that determines how much money that you can call in.

And it is also about managing the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, listening to your gut, managing the unconscious mind that is peddling fear to try and keep you safe and at the same time acknowledging the fear and dealing with it so that it doesn't hold you back.

It’s all here in this latest episode…just waiting for you to tune in and enjoy.

I love you! 

And remember, you absolutely can have it all! 

Regan x


Oct 27, 2022

Join with me as I chat with the amazing Olyasha Novozhylova - the founder of NotBasicBlonde (@notbasicblonde on Instagram).

We have a dialogue about seeing and identifying the defining moments in your life and how to see through them to step outside of everyone else’ expectations and build a life that you love….that’s purpose fit for YOU.

Find out about how to develop a millionaire mindset, how to call in abundance and how we can overcome toxic relationships with money and allow money to play a positive role in our lives.

And…when you have called in and created that very first million dollars…what’s next? 

Is there a mantra to living a dream existence and how can we expand our capacity to receive.

It’s all here….just waiting for you to tune in….ENJOY!


Sep 27, 2022

A question that often comes up with our clients is around instilled genetic DNA and how the effect of layered up wiring over generations has a reaction on both the physical and the energetic body.

In our latest powerful, animated podcast, we discuss with Dr. LuLu Shimek of The Genetic Genius about Rewiring DNA With Ancestral Wisdom and Quantum Technology. 

It’s a wonderful, comprehensive immersion into the realm of the power of fully-activated DNA and the use of ancestral wisdoms to have access to all of your innate spiritual, mental and physical gifts.

Gifts and talents that have been suppressed over many generations by society, the class system and the ever-present need for basic security around shelter and food gathering and harvesting.

It’s about returning to our natural state of accessing a total range of potential gifts and being fully embodied and activated human beings. Our core essence. To embody, live and be at the highest possible frequency with all of the tools in your tool kit firing.

We cover the use of herbal medicines and ceremonies and how quantum technology shifts the neural pathways and cellular functions in the body and our vision for the future of a new era and face of medicine and treatments.

And…our next biggest impact plan for the future!

It’s amazing listening.


I love you!

And remember,

You absolutely can have it all

Regan x


Aug 31, 2022

Listen up to my latest podcast where I join the amazing Skip Kelley and his Fulfillionaire movement and he asks me the questions….

How Do You Create A Fairytale Life? - What Does It Take?

And, how do you meet the love of your life? And how do you know when you do meet that special person?

We discuss commencing a business and the road to developing a multi-8-figure enterprise. 

Strategies, tools and learnings for the future and how to build a life that you love and live into each and every day.

The role of personal development skills and intentional conscious creation in moving forward past unconscious caps and limitations towards a mission and a purpose. 

Hear about the journey and my road to building my fairytale lifestyle that proves that there is a path and a road to the outcome that dreams really do come true. 

Enjoy listening!

I love you.

And remember,
You absolutely can have it all!

Regan x

Jul 31, 2022

Listen up, beautiful souls….

…to this insightful podcast, where JuanPa and I join Kim Mellor and Gina Swire, the PS I Love Me team and discuss what it means to actually trust in the “Yes!”

We share the path we took to becoming conscious leaders and the pivotal and “Ah Ha!” moments that we experienced on our journey to completely embracing and living into abundance.

The path that wires you for success and takes deep inner strength, courage and your deepest level of commitment.

There’s so much covered off, everything from relationships and health, manifestation, quantum healing to let go of past hurt, building a sound financial future characterised by philanthropy and also some super hacking tools to help you navigate your way into operating at a higher frequency.

It's also about finding what works in the moment. Finding your passion and what works for you. Learning practices that are guided by blisscipline! To enhance your capacity to navigate through your challenges at a higher frequency.

This is an inspirational and insightful episode that will motivate and encourage you to do the deep inner work and grow through every obstacle and opportunity that comes your way.

Enjoy listening to The Regan Hillyer Show!


Jun 9, 2022

Join me in my deep dive podcast, where I unravel the formula, tools and techniques of my amazing, focussed, Laser Coaching Method.

Take a privileged peek behind the scenes of my tried and true practice, where I explain the system so that you can understand the method that has been such a big piece of my own mission. 

Hear about the journey that assisted me to unlock this specific blueprint, that grew into my renowned program designed to impact people, to serve, inspire and touch people for the greater good.

It’s about efficiency, a more leveraged way of working with clients….it’s about how you upscale your outcomes, to get the same results or better in 20 minutes or less.

This podcast is an energetic exchange with my soulmate tribe where we peel back the layers of this life-changing coaching formula that is anchored into the here and now to assist your clients in manifesting lasting change, deep in the core of their reality.


Jan 4, 2022

Welcome to my latest podcast.

I am so pleased and grateful to be able to share with you…

This special podcast with the amazing Jesse Wynyard of the Manifest Unity Summit.

Tune in and listen as Jesse and I discuss the importance of unlocking your mind and utilizing the tools to vanquish scarcity, and living into total abundance, in these challenging and uncertain times.

We discuss what it has been like to face uncertainty and worry, how your mind often works against you and how you can turn these often negative thoughts in your subconscious around and into opportunities for growth and abundance.

It’s about alchemy and leadership, how we can be here on the planet and make an impact for the betterment of humanity. It’s also about seeing that there are solutions for each and every problem, individually and collectively.

We discuss the importance of getting really raw and real about your circumstances, how you identify where you actually are right now, not living in denial, but true acceptance of your situation and how you can make the shift into painting your desired reality.

It’s a deep dive into choosing how you face and respond to what is going on in your life. Facing the scary and the challenging and the changes that are happening, and cultivating your free will and your abundance frequency, on a real, visceral level.

A frank and real conversation about responsibility and control, and tips, tricks and practical help for managing change and adversity.

Enjoy listening!

Nov 5, 2021

Hey beautiful souls, listen up to my latest podcast.

Tune in and be a part of the conversation, where I chat with the amazing Corrina Steward about leadership, expansion and these amazing things called ‘evolutionary pulses’.

You know, it is all very well to know exactly where it is that you DON’T want to go with your life, your reality...but how do you know where it is that you really DO want to go?

It’s all about feeling the ‘nudges’ and the ‘pulses’. About building the pathway, seeing the vision and laying out the stepping stones to building a life that you love.

We chat about the recognition of who you are. How to step into a new life that is totally representative of YOU.

How to get connected with your internal reality. And bring that next-level version of yourself to the table. Getting together with the evolutionary pulses and truly listen for the subtlety.

Hear about my journey to building a multi-8 figure business. Laying the foundation stones, feeling the evolutionary pulses, noting the pulls and the pushes, the nudges and the shifts. 

The quantum leaps!

And realising what purpose, alignment and evolution actually feels like. The feeling that ‘I am here for a reason that is truly bigger than myself…….’

Enjoy listening!

I love you.

And remember,
You absolutely can have it all!

Regan x

Sep 29, 2021

Hi there beautiful souls! Listen up to my latest podcast.

I have been thinking lately that there is a lot of madness that is going on in the world currently and we are all affected by it in a variety of different ways.

This morning, I woke up with a particular message for you that was bubbling in my brain…

And, I just want to drop this message into your consciousness.

Do you know that now, yes now, that...

It is time for you to step up and be front and centre on the world stage.

You are put here to make a difference in this world, it’s you, part of the tribe that has put their hands up at a soul level to uplevel and choose humanity and to choose Planet Earth. 

This message is for those of you who know that you are put here not just to exist or survive the human experience, but to really make an impact through these times of great shifts and recalibrations.

This is the biggest shift that this planet has experienced….and what a gift that this is!

What a gift that you are here, right now, to witness this shift, play a massive part in it and be an integral part of the solution and the reality of what is going on.

We need to progress through this chaos, walk towards the light and embrace and be a part of the transformational process. You have been assigned to participate and stand on that stage. 

It may feel overwhelming but we need your light, we need you to stand up and have the courage to stand on the stage.

Enjoy listening! 

Aug 12, 2021

This is the final in the series of chats with the amazing soul surgeon Nicky Clinch and myself.

And, where we talk possibilities……and what does surrender really mean?

It’s a chat about building the new foundations and the process around surrender. 

Allowing the undertaking of surrender to actually happen. So that you can open up and let what you are calling in to actually happen. With ease and grace and flow.

It’s about recognising what surrender is and where you are creating it the mind and the ego..or are you flipping the polarity to allow surrender into the process?

We talk about what moments of surrender we have experienced and how that has impacted our lives and what it has brought forth for us.

Releasing the fight, the struggle, the control urges and embracing the deep oneness of surrender.

As humans we embrace the ‘busy life’ …..if we experience an emptiness, either after a project, after a relationship breakdown, in between busy moments….we tend to ‘fill it up’. We are conditioned not to be idle, not to have ‘downtime’...even our contemporary ‘me time’ comes with a sense of guilt and the inability to use it effectively for the possibilities.

However, to engage the possibilities requires emptying the cluttered mind and embracing the child-like emptiness. Surrendering in this emptiness where there is silence and a calming the ‘busy mind’ there is listening.

Stillness and listening beyond your ears, listening with our whole being, into that nothingness, that space and calm.

That’s where we really hear. It’s about tuning into all layers of your being. It’s an allowing. What are you willing to allow to come through next?

Have a listen on this episode and enjoy! 

Jul 16, 2021

Hello again! Welcome to my latest podcast ‘Abundance and Avatars’ where we give you all the lowdown on this fascinating topic!

So, what exactly do these two things have to do with each other?

How do you constantly choose abundance? How do you constantly expand into abundance? And, let the unconscious mind choose abundance...expanding into each and every area of your life.

There is so much to open up and unlock, and also understanding, using and embodying your inner avatar, the highest empowerment of yourself. 

The combination of your Avatar and your Abundance.

We look at and break down the energy system in your body, so that you can open up and step up into your true potential. 

Expanding your aura and building up your light body to radiate and enlarge your energy and call in your natural state of abundance. So you can get to live from your soul, the most true, authentic and incredible version of yourself! 

Enjoy listening xx

Jun 22, 2021


New Earth Costa Rica

Greetings and welcome to my latest podcast where you get to learn of my newest and most exciting, newborn project…..and learn about the possibility of the miracle...

Where the land chose us! 

It’s what I call the “gift of covid.”

You know how it works, just when you think that your life has been turned upside down and your direction has been thwarted….that the fates are fickle, then the universe tilts and >BOOM< everything changes.

You may think that this is unfair. You had your destiny mapped out….you knew where you were going and you think that it is a low blow, a hit out of nowhere...and then the cycle turns…..

...and you see the vision. You understand the miracle.

The imagination, the far-sightedness and the creativity that has been gifted to you….out of nowhere...out of chaos and out of global madness.

So you proceed, one step at a time...fully trusting…..and you step into the vortex, the miracle that has been gifted to you. The possibility of the miracle.

We have taken the seed of the miracle and created the beauty and the joy… birth

New Earth Costa Rica.

So what is New Earth Costa Rica?

It’s the source seed, it’s interacting with the tree, allowing an opportunity...

It’s planting millions of trees all over the world. It’s giving back. It’s nurturing a miracle.

Join JuanPa and I as we chat with Jason Estes about source seeds and the re-greening of the planet and sharing with nature….and hugging the tree! Ha ha!

Enjoy listening! 

May 30, 2021

Welcome to my latest podcast! 

Can you bring your calm to sit in the eye of the hurricane?

In this episode, I chat with the amazingly beautiful Nicky Clinch. Nicky is an exceptionally gifted, Maturation Coach & Facilitator, Macrobiotic Counsellor and Life & Health Coach and we chat on her Soul Surgery platform about Shifting Our External Reality from Within.

We dive deep and challenge the conditioning that we face everyday knowing that we exist in a world of possibilities and how we can shift our external reality and clear out the blocks that keep us small and limited.

By allowing ourselves to receive more, by shifting the stories that are keeping us limited and stuck in our disempowering, small hiding places, we grow and are brave and our field expands….aligned in authenticity and consciousness.

Tune into our deep dive conversation and discover how you can be calm, in the eye of a storm and be focussed and achieve your goals, while there is craziness all around you. 

Can you be in that place?  You see, I believe this is the place that you go “Oh, this is where I move with the storm, rather than trying to battle against the storm”.....and that is the place that you want to unlock.

Can you bring your internal reality to sit in the eye of the hurricane? You see in there, there is total quiet, total depth and total clarity.

The storms have great, great potential and are full of opportunities. So, how can we use these conditions to remain firm in the turbulence?

This podcast covers off surrendering and fully owning the reality, learning the lessons from the internal struggles. Managing how we unconsciously try to keep ourselves safe and weather our storms.

Also asking yourself what's your next goal? And….then…. what’s beyond the next thing? And, how do you lean in against the resistance that you will experience to expand and move towards what is offered to that you can accept what the universe is providing. 

Enjoy listening! 

May 13, 2021

Welcome to my latest podcast, and I am so excited to share this latest gem!

In this podcast I co-create with Vishen Lakiani of Mindvalley and lead his soulmate crowd through a guided meditation for manifestation….

Join us as we deep dive, and during this conversation, we help to curate the curriculum around manifesting exactly what you want from the life of your dreams.

We cover off the obstructions, the barriers and the limitations that are holding you back and the five steps, that are the building blocks that I have devised called energetic architecture for a quantum manifestation accelerator.

In these five steps, we discuss with you the foundations and the energy around being crystal clear on your vision, expanding your capacity to receive, releasing your limitations, embodying the highest version of yourself and participating in taking massive, conscious action.

This podcast assists with bringing manifestation into your life habitually, making this an holistic process to limit self-sabotage, vanquish the recurring challenges and moving towards making this a practice for life…..

So, that you can arrive at the place of surrendered manifestation.

All in a curated guided manifestation experience.

Enjoy listening! 

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